Elita Gida

Elita Gıda is one of the few “integrated” production facilities in Turkey, incorporates crude oil, extraction, refining and filling divisions and produces final products from raw material, purchased directly from farmers mostly in Turkey. So, Elita offers traceable, healthy, and quality products thanks to its “From Farm to Fork Food Safety” production chain.

Elita Gıda produces edible oils with its most recognized, renowned Sunar brand in Turkey and in international markets.

It offers final consumers and food premises sunflower oil , corn oil, and canola oils,in its edible oils product range;

Being one of the top five edible oil producers in Turkey, Elita Gıda has been on ICI 500, Turkey’s Top 500 Industrial Enterprises List, for four years.

Elita guarantees sustainable quality and your health by certifying its products with Halal, Kosher Certificates and ISO9001 and ISO22000 Quality Certificates.

Elita Gıda, headquartered in Turkey, is the producer of Sunar Edible Oils.